Retrieve a list of v3 daily status messages for a gateway, suitable for users to view.

This call is not intended for downloading large volumes of data.
It returns a maximum of 5000 data points.

To control the amount of data to collect, set the date range and downsample rate.

  • If the requested time period and downsample rate will produce a payload that exceeds the maximum of 5000 data points,
    the body of the response contains an error message.
  • If the request does not specify a downsample rate, the call calculates a rate that results in a number of data points close to the maximum.
    The expected number of daily status messages assumes 1 daily status message every 24 hours. (1 day=24 hours=86400 seconds)

On success, the body of the response contains a summary of the start and end times,
the returned item count, and the downsample rate used, in addition to the status data.
The status data is very large, including a process list that describes thousands of processes.

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